Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bird of Beauty

Hello there!

It's Spring here now in Australia. After months of hibernating at home, my hubby asked us to go out and enjoy the sun. At first, I am hesitant as I really don't like going out, yes I am a boring person to be with but that's me. I love being at home. I don't want to let my loving hubby down so we said yes. He told me that I could bring my painting stuff which made me feel so excited. I remember the page I printed out not long ago and been wanting to paint on it. I brought my paper and so my gelatos, water color pencils and water color pan.

I am so glad painting outside. It's a different feeling and atmosphere. Wish we could do this often.

Page I had with me ready to be painted on

Hubby taking photo of me while I am enjoying what I am doing.

First I tried using the water color pan but since I gessoed my paper, It didn't work. So happy with my gelatos because it's like magic on my gessoed paper, so as my aquarell art-grip color pencil. The color pencil is best when you dip directly onto the water then straight to the paper (in my opinion).

My finished piece. Only used my phone so wasn't able to capture the true color.

Thanks for looking!



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bird collage

Hi, This morning, I was busy with my usual household chores. Clean the table, wash the dishes, fold dried clothes and wash laundy. While waiting for the washing machine to finish, I thought that it would be good to do some artwork. I wasn't able to take photo of each step this time because every now and then I would attend onto something.

My first layer though was just playing with water color and putting down shapes. I let it dry and not happy as usual, so I put down another layer using my gelatos. I color block most of the areas. Drew my vase, add a collage and the rest is history. Hope you like my finished piece.

Thanks for looking!



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Make over

Hello there!

Today I just want to share with you an old mixed media painting I did on a 9"x12" watercolor paper. This is an entry for Hero Art's Makeover Challenge. It's actually fun to do. Most of the time, once I did something, I wouldn't dare touch it anymore no matter what the outcome is. This time around, it gave me the confidence that it is ok to just re-do it and not to be afraid of experimenting. The most important thing I learned from this challenge is that once you made something you think that is not good, you don't need to throw it away because you can always wait for the right time and just do something out of it again.

My old mixed media project (I honestly don't know why I kept it??? I really don't like how it turned out)

I covered most part of it. I just left a few images that I think I can start to work on with.

The stamps that I used.

The final product which I think is way much better from the original.

Thank you for looking!

xoxo Vanessa

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Live, Love, Create

Hi! It feels like forever from the last time I posted something here. Honestly, my hubby made me a website and been posting there. Sadly, we need to be relocated so for those of you who knows how stressful it is to be relocated from one country to another, you fully understand how difficult it is. The good news is that I am set with my new table which my hubby bought and assembled just last weekend. Not really back to normal as most of my stuffs need to be sold out and some were sent back to Philippines. I have with me my favorite ones of course. Really have to force my hubby that some are not for sale for they are my treasures.

Now that I am back to creating, I need to find inspiration here and there. Luckily, I still have time to join in to Design Memory Craft September Challenge.

This months challenge is to use something you already have. I remember having the canvas bag which I got from buying books. Hope you will like what I did with it.

The materials I used for creating this project

I drew my image on the canvas

I painted it using Gelato. I color it straight to the image on the canvass and grab my wet brush to activate it. I dip my Faber-Castell Art GRIP Aquarelle Watercolor Pencil in my jar and painted some parts of my image.

I used my Pitt Brush Pen to write the words live, love and create

My finished artwork :)

Hope I inspire you into doing something creative today. Thank you.



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter(belated)!

Wew! It's been 13 months since my last post here. The longest so far. Why? Well, we've all had our down times and last year has been ours. Not so as I know that things happens for a reason and only God knows what the reason is. Ok, for why? Our tenant, needed his place so we have to pack up and move. It's hard to get a place here in Singapore so we just rented a room and all my scrapbooking materials were sent back to Philippines. So yeah there it is, I am left with just stencils and some stamps and the rest were all gone. But since I am a housewife and we are just renting a room now, I still need to have something to do or else I would lose my mind. So, I started painting, in which I only needed paints and brushes and maybe stencils and stamps. My very supportive and loving husband let me have those of course.

I miss joining challenges and all. Oh but my life is not so boring though because I was volunteering at my sons school teaching arts and crafts. So that made my life still busy and creative at some point.

If you are thinking why am I blogging now, oh well I came across Prima on FB showing the challenges and oh how I've missed it. You guys should know how I love Prima and last 2012 was very good year for me as almost monthly my pages are chosen. So anyway, I looked at my cupboards, drawers and everything to see if there is a chance, even a tiny weeny chance that there are some flowers left so I can join in the fun. Voila! I found that I still have 8 flowers left and some metal trinkets and so I am joining. I had a hard time in a way doing this as I've never touch flowers or embellishment in a long time. I need to brush up my skills.

Ok so this is this months Prima pallette:

This is my take. It's not so fancy as I really don't have flowers anymore but I promise, I did my best. Hope you like it.

Thank you for your time looking! Hope I can join in the next months challenges as I really miss it. Anyways, I will be going back to Philippines in June and probable will dig in the boxes we've sent and get some flowers so that once I am back here in Singapore in July I can join in again. Bye for now and hope to post more.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter

I know, it is only Holy Wednesday but I want to share with you what I prepared for Sunday. Well, while my son is taking his nap, I decided to make something for him on Easter Sunday. I am sure that he will love this bottle full of egg and chocolate goodies.

I am also entering this on the following challenges: The Twinery , PRIMA March PPP and RCC78...Spring is in the air.

Easter Bottle Goodies
Materials used: Baker's Twine (The Twinery); Patterned Papers (Prima Marketing); Alpha Sticker (Prima Marketing); MT's (Prima); Bottle (Daiso); Chocolate Egg (Wonka)



Thank you for your time looking and Happy Easter to all!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey...Enjoy Life

Hi everyone! Just want to share with you the mini-album I made this afternoon. I still can't continue carving my stamps as I am banned from doing so. I accidentally cut my thumb hahaha... My hubby told me that if I cut it again, he won't let me carve anymore so I need to behave myself from now and focus not to hurt myself.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my album. Thank you for looking and have a great day!



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