Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter(belated)!

Wew! It's been 13 months since my last post here. The longest so far. Why? Well, we've all had our down times and last year has been ours. Not so as I know that things happens for a reason and only God knows what the reason is. Ok, for why? Our tenant, needed his place so we have to pack up and move. It's hard to get a place here in Singapore so we just rented a room and all my scrapbooking materials were sent back to Philippines. So yeah there it is, I am left with just stencils and some stamps and the rest were all gone. But since I am a housewife and we are just renting a room now, I still need to have something to do or else I would lose my mind. So, I started painting, in which I only needed paints and brushes and maybe stencils and stamps. My very supportive and loving husband let me have those of course.

I miss joining challenges and all. Oh but my life is not so boring though because I was volunteering at my sons school teaching arts and crafts. So that made my life still busy and creative at some point.

If you are thinking why am I blogging now, oh well I came across Prima on FB showing the challenges and oh how I've missed it. You guys should know how I love Prima and last 2012 was very good year for me as almost monthly my pages are chosen. So anyway, I looked at my cupboards, drawers and everything to see if there is a chance, even a tiny weeny chance that there are some flowers left so I can join in the fun. Voila! I found that I still have 8 flowers left and some metal trinkets and so I am joining. I had a hard time in a way doing this as I've never touch flowers or embellishment in a long time. I need to brush up my skills.

Ok so this is this months Prima pallette:

This is my take. It's not so fancy as I really don't have flowers anymore but I promise, I did my best. Hope you like it.

Thank you for your time looking! Hope I can join in the next months challenges as I really miss it. Anyways, I will be going back to Philippines in June and probable will dig in the boxes we've sent and get some flowers so that once I am back here in Singapore in July I can join in again. Bye for now and hope to post more.



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