Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Hair!

Oh yah, before I forgot,  just had my new hairstyle!!! Yippeee, after so many years of wearing a long hair, I am able to wear a short one.  Though alot of my friends don't like it, all I know is that I am happy that at long last I am able to take courage of having a short hairstyle.  I know that it fits me to wear a long one since my face shape is so round but what the heck... it will still grow back again.  

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Time

Good morning!  So This is my first time doing this blogging.  I've never tried it before so hopefully, in some way it would be a success...

Today is my Johanne's 3rd birthday.  Me and daddy just sent him to school.  At 3:00 pm we would go back to his school to bring cake to share with his classmates and teachers.  So in the following day I would be posting some of the photos that my husband would be taking.  

I know that it is kind of late for us to invite some of our friends but we tried our best to do it as early as 9:00 am awhile ago and hoping that some of them would reply and hope that they could come tonight so as to celebrate Hans birthday.

Anyways, with this,  I would like to share my pages I made.  It's randomly put so maybe the ugliest that you find would be one of those layouts I made when I was just starting.

Enjoy looking at it and hope that once in awhile you would visit my blog.  

Thanks for reading.


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