Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Time

Good morning!  So This is my first time doing this blogging.  I've never tried it before so hopefully, in some way it would be a success...

Today is my Johanne's 3rd birthday.  Me and daddy just sent him to school.  At 3:00 pm we would go back to his school to bring cake to share with his classmates and teachers.  So in the following day I would be posting some of the photos that my husband would be taking.  

I know that it is kind of late for us to invite some of our friends but we tried our best to do it as early as 9:00 am awhile ago and hoping that some of them would reply and hope that they could come tonight so as to celebrate Hans birthday.

Anyways, with this,  I would like to share my pages I made.  It's randomly put so maybe the ugliest that you find would be one of those layouts I made when I was just starting.

Enjoy looking at it and hope that once in awhile you would visit my blog.  

Thanks for reading.


Juan said...

Hi, Vanessa, it is a pleasure to visit your blog. I like it very much.

I am from Canary Islands, Spain, but I am living now in the south of Chile. This is fantastic. Look at the pics, please.

I invite to you to visit mi blog.

Juan said...

Hi, Vanessa

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Your scarapping work is nice.

You have a nice blog.


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