Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet.. box!

Material used:
Box of Chocolate
sticker glitter heart - Making Memories
cut-out flowers - three bugs in a rug
tag - three bugs in a rug
swirl wood - kaiser
white paint
3 buttons
3 brads
lace ribbon

Since I am lucky to have this beautiful box of chocolate with red and bronze(brown) color I just add on some touches on it.

1) I cut my ribbon lace into half (middle section)
2) stick it on both sides of the border (bronze)
3) cut out the flowers
4) stick the tag onto the part of the box that have letters on it
5) attached the 2 flowers and stick the heart with sweet letter on the middle of the tag
6) I painted the swirl wood with white, let it dry.
7) I took off the tail of the brads and put 3d dots at the back and stick it on the buttons.
8) I positioned to stick the wood and buttons with brads on it to the box.


1 comment:

jazsutra said...

sweeeet box!! and so classy ;) what a great gift! and i wanna say sincere thanks to you for always coming back to my blog and leaving such great words of encouragements ;) YES! we gotta meet...maybe can join us when therez a crop ya *wink*-jaz


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