Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrate Simplicity

Good morning! Last night, I received my prize from Faber-Castell. I am supposed to received just 2 packs of Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils, but to my surprised, they added Gelatos into it. They are so kind and generous. I am truly thankful as I can't find gelatos here in Singapore. Even if I try to order it in Amazon, they won't let me check out with those items. Anyways, with my excitement I tried it out right away. I just made a simple mixed-media canvass just to try out my Gelatos :)

1) First, I gather the materials that I would be needing in my small project.

2) I cut out my scrap papers to fit in to my canvass (5.5" x 7.1").

3)After adhering my scraps to my canvass, I gesso-ed it.

4) Using my fingers, I smudge some acrylic colors to my collage.

5) I cut out an image of a person from book.

6) I brushed water to my handcarved stamps, then smudge the Gelatos into it and stamp my image directly to my collage.

7) I draw the hair using a marker and color it with my Gelatos.

8) Added a few stamps images (my hand carved stamps), doodle some words and add a bit of stickers.

Finished Product. Hope you like it.

Thank you for your time looking and have a great day!


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