Sunday, December 23, 2012

Handmade Pouch

Good day! Today, I will share with you my masterpiece! Yes, it is my masterpiece as I made it all by hand. It took me 2 days to finish it and a total of 10 hours. If only I have a sewing machine :( Anyways, I am still proud of my work as this is the first time I made something like this. It is really out of my comfort zone ( same with the choker necklace), for I am a scrapbooker, not a painter, not a jewelry maker and not a pouch maker. I know, I am trying it all. But what can I do, crafting is so fun. Anyways, below are the steps on how I did my pouch. I used my spellbinder dies to be able to make this project. Happy looking!

Position your dies on your felt and roll it to your machine. I used 2 colors of felt (blue and purple). Cut total of 16 doily shapes.

Use a smaller die to cut a shape to be put on the center of your big doily. Repeat step 1

Position the small cut-out on top of the big cut-out.

Stitch the 2 cut-outs together. Alternate the colors.

Draw a square on the big doily/circle cut-out.

Start stitching two big doilies/circles, following the line.

Stitch a total of 8 doilies. Two rows, 4 on each row. Make sure you have two sets.

Cut a rectangle shape that when you fold would be the same size of your stitched doily.

Cut another rectangle shape, this time just 1/3 of the width of your first rectangle.

Attach the 2 rectangles by stitching it together and connect/stich the sides.

Stich the end of thin rectangle :)

On the end of the rectange, position the zipper.

Stitch the zipper.

Attach the doily on each side of the pouch. Stitch both sides and below. The top part would be left open to serve as a pocket.

My Handmade Pouch :)

Thank you for your time looking and I hope that I inspire you once again :) Happy crafting!


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Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Amazing since you did it all by hand! I have a sewing machine but I prefer stitching by hand! Patsy


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