Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bird of Beauty

Hello there!

It's Spring here now in Australia. After months of hibernating at home, my hubby asked us to go out and enjoy the sun. At first, I am hesitant as I really don't like going out, yes I am a boring person to be with but that's me. I love being at home. I don't want to let my loving hubby down so we said yes. He told me that I could bring my painting stuff which made me feel so excited. I remember the page I printed out not long ago and been wanting to paint on it. I brought my paper and so my gelatos, water color pencils and water color pan.

I am so glad painting outside. It's a different feeling and atmosphere. Wish we could do this often.

Page I had with me ready to be painted on

Hubby taking photo of me while I am enjoying what I am doing.

First I tried using the water color pan but since I gessoed my paper, It didn't work. So happy with my gelatos because it's like magic on my gessoed paper, so as my aquarell art-grip color pencil. The color pencil is best when you dip directly onto the water then straight to the paper (in my opinion).

My finished piece. Only used my phone so wasn't able to capture the true color.

Thanks for looking!



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Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

very beautiful -I wish I could draw

Barb Housner


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