Thursday, September 10, 2015

Make over

Hello there!

Today I just want to share with you an old mixed media painting I did on a 9"x12" watercolor paper. This is an entry for Hero Art's Makeover Challenge. It's actually fun to do. Most of the time, once I did something, I wouldn't dare touch it anymore no matter what the outcome is. This time around, it gave me the confidence that it is ok to just re-do it and not to be afraid of experimenting. The most important thing I learned from this challenge is that once you made something you think that is not good, you don't need to throw it away because you can always wait for the right time and just do something out of it again.

My old mixed media project (I honestly don't know why I kept it??? I really don't like how it turned out)

I covered most part of it. I just left a few images that I think I can start to work on with.

The stamps that I used.

The final product which I think is way much better from the original.

Thank you for looking!

xoxo Vanessa

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